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Comet, Dancer and Holly our three beautiful reindeer arrived at Hopefield in May 2018. There owner had sadly made the decision to rehome them after a change in circumstances.  When they first arrived they were moulting and their antlers had not grown back yet so they didn't look much like reindeer at all. After a few months of lots of TLC their antlers had grown back and their summer coat had come through and they look incredible and so happy !  

When they first came to Hopefield Dancer had a tiny growth on her tail which grew bigger and bigger, it resulted in her having half of her tail amputated.  It was a big operation with some very high risks but thankfully she made it through and you cant even tell the difference. 

Our reindeers are full of character. Comet is the boss of the group with no personal space and has pretty impressive antlers.  Dancer is the nosey one who always has her nose in the wheel barrow and the food cupboard and Holly is the quiet one who keeps herself to herself.  All three of them are very close and will go everywhere with each other. 

We are very lucky to be home to these 3 beautiful souls and enjoy showing them lots of daily love and attention.


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