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Exotic Mammals

This is Sophie the Tanuki, aka Raccoon Dog. Sophie was kept in a tiny dog crate and given a diet that was inappropriate for her. She was rescued by a lady who couldn’t keep her, so Sophie came to us and now lives in our colony. Tanuki are currently a popular exotic pet that can be brought in the UK for as little as £50. They should not be traded as domestic pets and sadly most are not kept properly at home so are finding their way into rescues.

Sid is our resident skunk who was rescued from the pet trade. When he arrived he had a slipped disk in his back that had gone untreated for a long time. He needed an MRI scan and finally got the treatment he needed at the sanctuary. You can now see him running around enjoying life with us - it's been a dramatic change.

This is Meeko one of our raccoons. He came to us at 8 weeks old. He was being kept in someone’s house and they couldn’t keep him anymore. Thankfully they are now on the invasive species list so can no longer be kept as pets. Meeko is very cute and loves his raccoon friends.


Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring an animal at Hopefield makes a great gift for any occasion and you can sponsor any of Hopefield’s animals for just £30