Sponsor Chip


Breed: Friesian

Fun Fact: Chip likes to wind up his adopted brothers, Jude and Devon

Chip was a week old when he arrived at Hopefield. He came from a farm who were going to send him to slaughter for veal. A lady happened to meet Chip and she instantly fell in love with him, and managed to persuade the farmer to give him to her. They wouldn’t have got much money for him as he had been born prematurely and was very small, so it's likely that’s why the farmer allowed her to take him.

His first few weeks at Hopefield consisted of drinking milk and sleeping like most babies! As he grew he started to explore, visiting the other resident cows over the fence. Within a few months, Chip was put out to meet the herd. All the staff and volunteers held their breath in anticipation that the others would accept him and luckily they did. The sanctuary’s oldest cow, Rosary, took Chip in as one of her own and to this day is still very protective of him. Chip is still smaller than your average cow of his age but he uses this to his advantage, winding up the others and quickly running away before he can get told off!

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