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Birds - Peacocks - Owls

This is Hedwig, one of our Horned Owls. At Hopefield we are sadly being asked to take increasing numbers of birds of prey into our care. Most of them have been kept in tiny aviaries where they have no space to fly, and this leads to many severe health problems and depression. It’s incredibly sad to see such stunning animals in captivity. 


This is Lucky the turkey, who had a very lucky escape! He was too small to be slaughtered at Christmas so the farmer saved him for Easter, waiting for him to grow. In that time, Lucky managed to escape from the farmer and ran a mile away where a kind lady took him in, he lived there with her and her chickens for a while. However, he quickly grew too big and Hopefield were asked to take him in, so now he’s happily here at the sanctuary.


This is Rio one of our beautiful peacocks, he was wild and became a nuisance to some of the locals so Hopefield were asked to take him. Hopefield were happy to rescue him to ensure his safety.



Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring an animal at Hopefield makes a great gift for any occasion and you can sponsor any of Hopefield’s animals for just £30